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Kiss – Speed Painting video clip September 23, 2007

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Clearly explain how it was done – using the grid system in Photoshop 7. The whole painting process took more than 7 hours to complete.


KISS Speed Painting

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Photoshop 7 & Wacom tablet


Transformer : Blackout ( Decepticon ) September 17, 2007

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Another Transformer Vector…this time the bad guy !

Blackout is the largest Decepticon and lives for the chaos of the battlefield and delights in destruction.
As a military helicopter Blackout has the ability to disrupt mechanical devices via EMP and is also the heavy lifter that other Decepticons rely on for transport over long distances.

TRANSFORMS INTO: Sikorsky MH-53 JM Pave Low III/IV Helicopter


Transformer : Blackout – mesh outline

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completed using adobe illustrator