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Harrier GR.Mk5 mesh outline March 26, 2007

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mesh outline ~ how it was done. Took more than 500 layers.


British Aerospace/Mc Donnell Douglas Harrier GR.Mk5

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British Aerospace/McDonnell Douglas Harrier GR.Mk5.

The British version of the AV-8B differs from the USMC aircraft in many details, and is designated Harrier GR.Mk5.
It features much British equipment including a Ferranti Inertial Navigation System and moving map display.
The Harrier GR.Mk5 has two 25mm Aden Cannon in underbelly pods, each with 100 round of ammunition. The AV-8B has only one cannon with the starboard pod housing 300 round of linkless ammunition.


McDonnell F-4B Phantom II – outline March 8, 2007

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Mesh outline for my Phantom.  Using Illustrator.


McDonnell F-4B Phantom II

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Beginning in April of 1965, Marine Corps F-4Bs were based at airfields in Vietnam and Thailand (as well as aboard the USS America (CVA-66)). They took an active part in the Vietnam war, primarily in the ground support role. 72 Marine F-4Bs were lost in combat and three others were destroyed in operational accidents.

A total of 649 F-4Bs were built and delivered to the Navy and the Marine Corps between June 1961 and March of 1967.