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Zhang Ziyi – mesh outline January 29, 2007

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Zhang Ziyi

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Zhang Ziyi – A stunning beauty. Period.

Zhang Ziyi came into the spotlight after her role in the international hit Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon alongside Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh. Despite one movie under her belt, The Road Home and skilled in dancing rather than martial arts, Ziyi produces a highly charged and convincing performance as Jen Yu. Zhang Ziyi has enhanced her resume with her performance as baddie Hu Li in Rush Hour 2 with Martial Arts maestro Jackie Chan and Wise-cracking Chris Tucker. Ziyi has also since starred in a Hong Kong production of the Legend of Zu, a remake of Zu Magic from Magic Mountains and will feature in upcoming Korean Movie, Musa and Hero, Chinese Production alongside Jet Li.

Completed using gradient mesh ( Adobe Illustrator )