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English Electric Lightning ~ Outline December 21, 2006

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English Electric Lightning ~ Outline


Electric Lightning

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The English Electric Lightning was a supersonic British fighter aircraft of the Cold War era, particularly remembered for its great speed and natural metal exterior. The Lightning was used throughout much of its service life by the Royal Air Force and the Royal Saudi Air Force. The aircraft was a stunning performer at airshows; it broke the world air-speed record and was the first aircraft capable of supercruise. The Lightning was one of the highest performance planes in formation aerobatics.

Aircrafts completed in Illustrator CS – gradient mesh
Background added using airbrush – Paint Shop Pro 6


Douglas A-20 Havoc – outline December 11, 2006

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Douglas A-20 Havoc

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The Douglas A-20 Havoc light bomber was one of the most extensively built of the light bombers of WWII. It was used in a variety of roles, performing them well but without distinction. Initially configured with a standard bomber glass nose, some later versions had a solid nose containing multiple machine guns for use in low-level attacks. Some A-20s equipped with radar equipment were redesignated as P-70s and were used as night fighters until replaced in 1944 by the P-61 “Black Widow”.

The P-70 was given the name Nighthawk, though this name was rarely used. A further variation of the A-20 was the F-3A, which was the photo recon variant. The Havoc was known as the Boston Mark III to the British (who also used it in various theaters), and as the DB-7 to the French.

* mesh tool ( adobe illustrator )
* 230+ layers


IDF Merkava II Outline December 3, 2006

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IDF Merkava II MBT

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IDF Merkava II with mine sweeper. The Merkava is the innovative Israeli design of Major General Israel Tal. The primary design criteria was crew survivability. Every part of the overall design is expected to contribute to helping the crew survive. The engine is in the front to provide protection to the crew. There is a special protective umbrella for the tank commander to enable protection from indirect fire with the hatches open. Special “spaced armor” is in use along with protected fuel and ammo compartments.

The Merkava can also carry a small Infantry squad internally under complete armored protection.

* Using adobe illustrator’s mesh tool.

* Took about 4 weeks to complete and almost screw up my PC as it needed more than 1300 layers !

* I added a cigar puffing tank commander – done separately , just to make it looks cool ^..^