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Gradient Mesh Tutorial ( Part 3 – Plain Vector ) August 22, 2006

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Sorry for an overlong tutorial, but this is the last part…finally !!
I’ll try to cover this last tutorial by using plain vector on most parts of the car.

1. ) Tire

First create brake disk at the center using the ellipse tool. You are required to draw 2 circle here – one for the outer layer and another one in front. Here I added some shade of radial gradient to the front layer !

Next use the ellipse tool again to create the hubcab. Try using the 1st & 2nd method in tutorial 2 on how to add color, and preferably use the radial gradient here.


…and continue by adding a solid black background and place this layer below the hubcab layer mentioned above.

There are 5 cavities on the hubcab, use the pentool to trace the outline

What we should do next is to get rid of the solid fill color in all 5 cavities so that you can view part of the disk brake that is hidden at the back. To do this you need the pathfinder tool.

Here’s how you do it : First, use the selection tool to select both the hubcab and all 5 cavities.

Next, open the pathfinder tool
>>click the divide button
>>choose ungroup

Now, press shift key and click each cavity to select all 5.

What you should do next is press delete to reveal whatever is hidden behind the hubcab. In this case the disc brake that we did earlier plus the black solid background.
Use ellipse tool for all screw cavities and continue to add some finishing i.e : emblem, brembo brake caliper, rim, tire tread like I did below :
wheel10.jpg wheel101.jpg

2.) Side Mirror


Its a matter of using the pen tool and trace the shape of the mirror. Here I only traced 3 main part of the mirror, use the gradient tool and transparencies for the colors and added a bit of highlight. The same technique are also used to vector the glass window, its reflection and wiper.


3.) Window


4.) Side Mirror Reflection

5.) Wiper


And after spending a few hours, here are the result of your hard work :


Go to gallery to see a bigger image


Go to scrap to see a bigger image


3 Responses to “Gradient Mesh Tutorial ( Part 3 – Plain Vector )”

  1. i can never understand vector drawing or vectorizin real images …
    maybe i should look @ part 1 … doh ..
    thanks 🙂

  2. diz Says:

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