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Gradient Mesh Tutorial ( Part 2 – Shading & Coloring ) August 21, 2006

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Now that we’ve completed our mesh outline, we’ll now begin to add color to our Diablo.

For this 2nd part of our tutorial, I choose the front spoiler as our subject. Before we get started, lets examine it closely

1.) There are 2 methods how I sample my color.
a.) Firstly, I use the eye dropper and select at least 4 colors from the subject


Subsequently, I open my color picker and from the original point that I picked before, I moved the cursor and chose a color that’s bordering to dark or sombre. Still in the same color picker, I then picked something that is brighter but still retain a bit of the orange-ish color. Remember to save all these in your swatches pallette !


I’ll explain my 2nd method as we go along…so bear with me for now ^_^

2.) Lets start from the top of our spoiler.

What we are going to do is creating a dark shadow and a long crease line. To do this, we lay a few mesh lines like what I did in the image below. These mesh lines will act as a stopper – to restrict the color from spreading out.


3.) so go ahead and click to select the middle mesh point


4.) Go to your swatch library and choose a dark color that you’ve picked up earlier. This is what you get – yes it looks like like a little smudge !

5.) Continue and select all 4 points at the top of the mesh line


6.) With all 4 mesh points selected use the eye dropper tool to sample a suitable dark color from the ‘smudge’. Do remember where you position the eyedropper tool to sample – Pick a less darker color if you want to apply something that is lacking in brightness. A darker shading will required you to sample a color that is close to solid black.

Remember about the 2nd method mentioned earlier, well this is how I do it !

7.) …and below is the result of your hard work . See how a long line is formed just from sampling and clicking a few mesh points ! Notice also the reason for adding the mid mesh line as a stopper – to prevent the color from spreading onto other area.


8.) Okay now that you have some understanding on how to add color to your mesh work, continue to do the same process to the other part of the spoiler. To add a bit of highlight along the left and middle top of the mesh line you can try my 3rd method. Okay, first you need click one mesh point like what is shown in the image below.

9.) Next, open your color picker and move your cursor point to sample a brighter color. Click the top left mesh point again to apply your color.
13fendercolor12.jpg 13fendercolor12a.jpg

10.) And as for the top middle mesh point, repeat the whole process in (8.) & (9.) by picking a slightly less brighter color this time.


11.) – Click the mesh points and what you get is a highlight of color that’s brighter on one end and gradually fade toward the middle !

Save the color in your swatches pallette, you’ll need it to do more highlighting on other part as well. You can apply the 2nd and 3rd method as well to simulate highlight on other parts of the spoiler.

11.) Middle of the spoiler requires color that are vivid and glossy. Open your color picker and change to a more saturated color. Yes it’s back again to the 1st method !
– Add a few more mesh lines where necessary and start to add color by clicking on the mesh point. Sometime by just moving your lines can make a big difference to your overall color outlook.

13fendercolor18.jpg 13fendercolor19.jpg

12.) To create fog light use your mesh tool to trace and add color to it using the 1st, 2nd and 3rd method to finish the spoiler of the Diablo.

13fendercolor20a.jpg 13fendercolor20.jpg

13. ) Use the same technique to add color to the rest of the car. Here now is how it would look like :

in mesh outline :

diablomesh160.jpg ( click thumbnail for bigger image )

in full color :

diablomesh260.jpg ( click thumbnail for bigger image )
( click thumbnail for bigger image )


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